. Black Box Pro







Black Box pro is one of very compact system that can do almost of all audio measurement.

Its can do almost everything that you can imagine to get what you want in one small package.

And because of Plug-in usb, that can be use to any computer system without any system calibration, its will very portable to use with any desktop or laptop.


What Black Box Pro can do:

  1. Real time analisys of spectrum.
  2. Real time frequency response measurement
  3. Real time impulse response measurement
  4. Real time impedance measurement
  5. Can do measurement of LCR (LCR meter)
  6. Can do Thiele small estimation
  7. Ossiloscope
  8. SPL Reading regarding of mic type with SQ3 is 129 db
  9. Etc



Black Box Pro Measuring Systems is consists of :


1. Black Box Microphone type SQ4




MIC SQ4 are very precision condenser electret microphones perfectly suiteable for laboratory and on-field acoustical measurements. Their frequency response is individually tested against specifications and the sensitivity value is at about 17mv/pa.

MIC SQ4 can be directly connected to your ANY of your system’s input (with proper mic amp).




Type: Condenser Electret

Accuracy (direct field): ± 0.4 dB 10Hz to 5 KHz , ±0.8 dB 10 to 20KHz

Maximum level: 129 dB SPL

Sensitivity (average): 17 mV/Pa

Dimensions: 8 mm diameter, 10 cm long

Impedance: 5.6kOhm



Testing Comparison of 3 inch fullrange speaker with CLIO MIC-02 and BBM - MIC SQ4

Red CLIO MIC-02, Blue MIC SQ4




2. BLACK BOX PRO hardware




Specification :


Conventer                 : 16-bit conventer

Sample rate                : 32.0 kHz. 44.1 kHz, 48.0 kHz

Frequency response     : 10 to 20 kHz +/- 0.1 db @  44.1 kHz sample rate

                                : 10 to 22 kHz +/- 0.5 db @ 48.0 kHz sample rate

Distortion                  : 0.05 % typical @ -10 dbV, 1 kHz

Crosstalk                   : 77dB @ 0 dbV. 1 kHz

S/N                           : A/D 89 db typical @ 1 khz, A-weighted

                                : D/A 96 db typical @ 1 kHz, A-weighted

Dimension                  : 90 mm X 100 mm X 43 mm

Output Amplifier         : 100 mw





Black Box Pro measurement system capabilities :


1. 1 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/24db/octave RTA measurement/response measurement both Bar or line display


 1 octave bar

 1 octave line

 1/3 octave bar

 1/3 octave line

 1/24 octave bar

 1/24 octave line


2. Response memory for car audio tuning



3. TS parameter measurement



TS parameter predict



4. Loudspeaker Impedance and phase measurement



5. MLS and phase measurement



6. Two channel Mls measurement (measured both phase and response).



8. Impedance correction.



9. LCR meter




10. Cumulative Spectral Decay / CSD measurement (Time, amplitude, frequency)



11. Generate target for xover development



12. Time Delay adjustment




 After reference


 Before Reference


13. Phase Checker


 Out Of Phase


Product View






1. BBPro MJ1 Migjig


2. BBpro MP1 Test Power Amp

Specification :

Input Voltage :  9 V – 16 V (can use 9V Battery or From car lighter)

Response Freq : 1 – 100Khz

MAX Output power : 2 X 1250 mw


3. BBpro PM1 preamp mic and BBpro Mic SQ4



4. BBpro WM1

Use for check the weight off coin, Blutak for accurate measurement of T/S parameter



5. BBpro PM2

Power module for check power output, response etc